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Social Distancing; When You’re Staying In (With Your Cat)

Social Distancing

Cats have mastered it, cat owners understand it and dogs can’t even comprehend it; social distancing.  During this crazy time, more and more communities are being asked to practice social distancing.  While some of us might be struggling with this, cats will skate right through this time without a batting a paw.  So what do we do when we’re asked to stay home and stay to ourselves?  For our health and that of our pets, we have to find ways to stay busy and  cope with the situation.

Take your cat for a walk

Or rather, let your cat take you for a walk!  A few things to keep in mind, cats should not be walked with leashes on a collar, instead a harness and leash should be used.  Their necks are too small to be pulled at.  Your cat should be current on shots and their flea treatment, because that’s always a good idea.  If you have a cat with anxiety, like I do, they may not be a good candidate for a stroll outside.  Like with anything, know your cat and what works best for them!

Catch up on grooming

When we’re busy, things always fall to the wayside.  Now is a great time to catch up on all your feline grooming!  Start with a nail trimming.  Be sure to replace your nail trimmers yearly to keep them sharp and use the type that cut and don’t crush the nail.  This helps with the cats comfort.  I recommend a scissor style trimmer, they’re light and easy to use.  I use a professional pair that you can find here.

After nails are trimmed (to minimize potential scratching!) brush your cat!  I take my cats outside to brush them to avoid the mess and dander getting all over the house.  I also use a Furminator brush that has proved to be the most effective of the brushes I have tried!  There are different varieties for long and short hair, so you’re able to get the brush that matches your cats fur!

Brush your cats teethBrush your cats teeth

Just like us, cats should have their teeth brushed to maintain good dental health.  Look for cat toothpaste and toothbrushes.  Cat toothpaste comes in flavors like tuna or chicken and is an enzymatic to help fight bad breath and tartar build up.  Pet toothbrushes come in two forms (that I’ve seen,) one looks like a regular toothbrush with a smaller head and the other is the type you put on your finger.  For me, the regular style toothbrush has been easier to use as the head is smaller and easier to navigate my cats mouths.

Sign up for a cat newsletter

There are veterinary schools that regularly publish cat newsletters discussing various aspects of cat health and life.  I find these to be informative and from a reliable sources as they don’t accept advertising to remain unbiased.  The two I read are Catnip and Catwatch.Brush your cats teeth

Catwatch is an independent newsletter that is produced in collaboration with Cornell University College of Vetrinary Medicine Feline Health Center.  Catnip is similar and produced by Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.  Both contain articles about cat health and safety!

Have your cat DNA tested

This one is more for fun than anything and has the added benefits of checking your cat for genetic health markers.  Basepaws offers a DNA test for your cat that will tell you what breeds they’re most like and provide a health report.  It was easy to administer and send back while maintaining your social distance!  You will receive email updates letting you know when your report is available.  They also offer a Facebook group to join that involves a lot of cat pictures and cat talk.  Who doesn’t want to see more cat pictures in their feed (while social distancing)!?

Setup auto-ship for all your cat’s needs

Cat ToyIf you already order your cat supplies online then you’re halfway there.  Some sites offer auto-ship subscriptions and will automatically ship your pet supplies at the interval you choose.  There’s no extra charge and sometimes signing up for auto-ship qualifies you for a discount.  What happens if you’re not ready for a new shipment?  Not a problem, use the option to postpone the shipment until you are ready!  Who wouldn’t want the big (or small) bag of litter delivered right to your door for no extra charge?  Food, litter, treats, litter disposal bags, cat grass, catnip and more… these can all be setup for auto-ship and Chewy (my favorite pet supplies site) will also let you add in one time purchases onto your shipment like toys or a water fountain!  Then everything arrives at once and saves on packaging.

Make your cat a playlist

This is a real thing!  Most streaming services offer music just for pets and some claim to help with separation anxiety and general anxiety.  If you can’t find cat specific music, classical music will work!  Check out this article to read more about music for cats.

Relax and snuggle

What is better than a good kitty snuggle while social distancing?  Cats love laying around while allowing you to give them some pets or chin scratches.  Grab the remote, a blanket and a furball and settle in for some relaxing quality time!  Life is good with a kitty by your side!