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When Cat Furniture Can Be Discrete; The Cat Crib

The Cat Crib

Ever find yourself sitting at your table to realize that your favorite feline is quietly sitting at your feet, perhaps one that sometimes imitates a clingy shadow?  I repeatedly find myself in this situation.  Ironically, my black cat is the one that lurks, lingers and silently sidles me, despite the bell on her collar.  As I often find myself trolling the internet for new and exciting cat products, I came across the Cat Crib!  No, it’s not an actual crib that you tuck your cat into every night.  This can’t be judged on its name alone!  This is a creatively designed product that, unlike some cat furnishings, keeps space and discretion in mind.  It’s a hammock styled cat lounge that attaches to the legs of a chair!  The best part is that it takes up no additional room and unless you know it’s there, most people wouldn’t notice it.   SOLD!

A few days after I placed my ordered, it arrives.  I open the box, look at the straps, they have a soft rubberized side to help grip the chair leg but also not damage the surface.  Since my girls are nosier than a bear in a picnic basket, they were waiting to deem this acceptable or not, literally, they were waiting in line (see picture).  Tinkerbell gets in,   checks it out, and lets Tidbit have her turn.

Later that night, I found Tinkerbell snoozing away in the hammock!  As I’m not totally privy to the agreements that the two of them have worked out, I believe Tinkerbell has claimed the hammock solely for her own lounging needs, as I only ever find her sleeping in it.  Although, sitting still is not one of Tidbit’s strongest qualities!

It’s definitely worth checking out.  The Cat Crib is available in three colors and it arrived quickly after I placed my order.