The Avocato Avocado Breakaway Cat Collar



Did you know the avocado is also referred to as the alligator pear? No? Probably because no one cares but we all love these delightful fruits and your cat will too! Another addition to the food collar collection for the kitties that are more food-motivated than we are! This breakaway cat collar comes with a jingle bell side dish! (Bell is removable.)

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Cat collars are sturdy and light weight, 3/8″ in width and an adjustable length for adults, kittens and large kitties alike!  All collars have breakaway buckles for your kitty’s safety!  All bells are attached via a split ring, bells and split rings are easily removable from collars.

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Adult (7-11 inches), Kitten (6-8.5 inches), Large Kitty (8-13 inches)