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Pets Gone Green; A Cat Book Review

Pets Gone Green A Cat Book Review

As a society, we are moving in a greener direction.  As pet owners, we are pampering our pets, feeding them high quality food but are we thinking about their carbon paw print?  Pets Gone Green, by Eve Adamson, gives a great overview of what you can do to be a greener pet parent.  She addresses everything from reasons to buy organic toys, to pet ‘themed’ composting.  The author is admittedly a dog person but includes the feline perspective when she can and most of her points are applicable to any pet.

Chapter one’s topic, “Recycled Companions”, starts by discussing the impact of adopting a pet.   There are numerous shelters referenced, and even resources to look into for those interested in purebreds, as well as the top reason people relinquish pets to shelters and alternatives to committing to owning a pet if you can’t.  Shelters are always in need of foster pet parents.

The “Green Food” chapter gives a summary of pet nutrition, the available options and some pros and cons.  There’s a brief but interesting history of pet food, a handful of paragraphs on past issues in the industry and the impacts that made going forward.

Overall, this a good book for any pet parent.  It brushes on a wide variety of topics, some you likely have already given thought to, and some more subtle topics.  There’s a wealth of informational resources as well as tips on how to make your home a healthier place for your pets, for example, being mindful of the chemicals chosen to clean and a recipe for a chemical free cleaner.  Give this book a read for a generally mindful approaching to caring for a pet.