The Giraffe Breakaway Cat Collar



Take a walk on the wild side! This is the animal print collection in pink, blue, orange, black or brown giraffe print this is the perfect apparel to let your fur down!  This breakaway cat collar comes fully equipped with a jingle bell to thwart your kitty’s sidle attempts! (Bell is removable.)

Additional collars can be seen here.

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Cat collars are sturdy and light weight, 3/8″ in width and an adjustable length for adults, kittens and large kitties alike!  All collars have breakaway buckles for your kitty’s safety!  All bells are attached via a split ring, bells and split rings are easily removable from collars.

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Adult (7-11 inches), Kitten (6-8.5 inches), Large Kitty (8-13 inches)


Blue, Orange, Pink, Black, Brown