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When Cat Food Is Fresher Than Fresh; Refrigerated Cat Food

Cat Food

One ordinary day, during an ordinary shopping trip to the local wholesale club, I found something interesting; refrigerated cat food!  It caught my attention because, well, anything cat related catches my attention, but will I deem it good enough for my girls?  They’re on a grain free diet, for no reason other than it seems to be the healthiest choice, so my first reaction is always to read the ingredient list.  Holy tamole!  Not only is it grain free but everything on the list is ‘real’ food and the ingredient list is broken down by ingredients and vitamins &minerals and claims to be lightly cooked and not processed to preserve the integrity of the nutrients.  Let’s give this a try!

Fussy Eaters

Knowing that between my two cats, I have an extremely fussy eater (Tinkerbell) and a cat that not only eats everything but occasionally enjoys a piece of lint, off the floor, for a snack (Tidbit).  So I watched with a critical eye after I scooped the Freshpet cat food into their bowls.  It was not at all surprise to watch Tinkerbell sniff the food then promptly walk away.  The surprise came on the second day when I fed Tinkerbell dry food and watched Tidbit get pushed out of the way for Tinkerbell to get at the Freshpet food, only to have snubbed it a day earlier!  I can’t pretend to understand what goes through their minds but since that day, they have gone nuts for this food.  Since it’s refrigerated, every time I open the fridge, Tinkerbell and Tidbit come running and stick their furry faces in the fridge.

Curious about the company, I checked out their website.  The site is user friendly and gives the impression of transparency about their philosophy, source of ingredients, answered all my questions about their food and a blog page.  All I keep thinking is, that if we refrigerate our food, doesn’t it make sense to refrigerate our pet’s food too?