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How To Know If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You; A Cat Book Review

This cat book review is near and dear to me.  As I’m a big fan of the creator and his illustrative work.  How To Know If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You has an alarming title but is a delightful read for the feline obsessed!  This is brought to you by the creator of the hilariously awesome website; The Oatmeal.  Matthew Inman takes his insights and factoids about cats and makes them entertaining.  He captures the true essence of quirkiness that is typical feline behavior.  He undoubtedly has an affinity for cats, hence the book and the numerous blog posts that center around feline antics that are sure to you giggle!  He may be as obsessed with his cat as the rest of us are!

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When The Couch Isn’t Good Enough; The Hepper Pod

As it normally goes, I was eyeing up the next feline-oriented purchase, trying to decide if it will be a major success or snubbed like the pile of orphaned toys it the cat toybox.  I don’t remember where I first saw the Hepper Pod but instantly thought it was awesome.  Any piece of cat furniture that’s aesthetic and functional is a win-win, so here’s our Hepper Pod review!

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Pets Gone Green; A Cat Book Review

As a society, we are moving in a greener direction.  As pet owners, we are pampering our pets, feeding them high quality food but are we thinking about their carbon paw print?  Pets Gone Green, by Eve Adamson, gives a great overview of what you can do to be a greener pet parent.  She addresses everything from reasons to buy organic toys, to pet ‘themed’ composting.  The author is admittedly a dog person but includes the feline perspective when she can and most of her points are applicable to any pet.

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Top Ten Must-Haves For New Cat Parents

As we know, with the warming temperatures, kitten season is around the corner!  Few things are more fun and rewarding than going to a shelter, knowing you are taking home a cute, little, energetic kitten or maybe a more mature, laid back (ie lower maintenance) cat.  This to ten must-have for new cat parents list goes beyond the basics food, water and vet visits.  These ten recommendations have been critically reviewed by Tinkerbell and Tidbit (aka the girls), who are different as a sleepy laid back night and a jittery, caffeine filled morning.

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When Cat Furniture Can Be Discrete; The Cat Crib

Ever find yourself sitting at your table to realize that your favorite feline is quietly sitting at your feet, perhaps one that sometimes imitates a clingy shadow?  I repeatedly find myself in this situation.  Ironically, my black cat is the one that lurks, lingers and silently sidles me, despite the bell on her collar.  As I often find myself trolling the internet for new and exciting cat products, I came across the Cat Crib!  No, it’s not an actual crib that you tuck your cat into every night.  This can’t be judged on its name alone!  This is a creatively designed product that, unlike some cat furnishings, keeps space and discretion in mind.  It’s a hammock styled cat lounge that attaches to the legs of a chair!  The best part is that it takes up no additional room and unless you know it’s there, most people wouldn’t notice it.   SOLD!

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When The Cat Grass Is Greener

Have you ever seen cat grass in the store and wonder if your cat needs it?  Or has your cat dashed out the door, when your hands are too full to stop them, just to nibble on the yard?  Does it make you think there is something essential missing from their diet?  Aren’t they obligate carnivores?

Although it’s not known exactly why cats eat grass, there are a lot of theories ranging from digestive aid (the most commonly accepted), hairball relief, they like the texture, to it adds nutrients to their diet.  We can speculate on why cats eat grass, however, the bottom line is that no one knows for sure.  It is typically safe to assume it is not due to deficiencies or health concerns.  If your cat is binging on grass, rather than nibbling, or having a lot of upsets afterward, then that may be a matter for your vet.  However, it is generally considered safe to munch on some greens now and then.

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Swanky Kitty Introductions

Introductions are due….

It all began one rainy night in October of 2009.  I had recently seen a litter of adorable kittens and being a cat person at heart, decided I needed to adopt one.  I made my trip to the pet store, trying to figure out what to buy as I hadn’t shared living space with a cat since high school.  Well over a hundred dollars later, I needed to go pick up my bundle of fur and even more difficult, decide which one to pick!  I knew I wanted a female because I already bought a pink kitten collar.  So I traveled out to the country to pick out my illegitimate barn cat that I would inevitably turn into a pampered house cat.  There were two females in the litter and as I’m making the heart wrenching decision, of course the one that gave kisses and ultimately won my heart was also the trouble maker that was scratching furniture 10 seconds before.  I knew then, there would be a battle of wills in the near future.  That was adoption day.  I brought home an 8 week old tuxedo kitten, who remained nameless for the next two and a half weeks since I couldn’t decide on the perfect name.  I, in turn, decided on the most imperfect name, Tinkerbell.

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